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Carlie, 14 & Ryder, 7

No Longer Taking Inquiries

Carlie has a bubbly personality and a big heart and expresses her love for her brother. She has a caring soul that likes to help others out any chance she can. Her proudest moment is when she volunteered at a nursing home. She enjoys participating in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and figure skating. Ryder is an active and outgoing young boy. He is strong willed, determined, and eager to learn. Ryder’s proudest moment is when he first learned how to make a paper airplane. He enjoys sports, animals and Hibachi Grills because “It is cool to watch them cook in front of you!” The team is looking for a family with no children younger than Ryder.

Photos by:
Dalayna McKnight Photography
Sponsored by:
Jon & Mary Arntson and Stan & Paula Wheelock
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