Justin, 13

Justin is very curious and insightful boy. He is very interesting to have conversations with! He works hard, and is determined when he puts his mind to something. Therefore, he is very proud when he completes his school work. Justin is easy going, and enjoys being busy. He is curious about things that interest him, and always wants to learn more. Some things Justin loves are dogs, making sugar cookie bars, and drawing! Justin says that If he could go anywhere in the world he would go to Tokyo. Some things he would like to do, that he has never done before, are go hunting, or drive a tractor. As far as entertainment, Justin likes watching sports, and his favorite team is the Chiefs. If he could star in a TV show it would be black panthers, and if he could be any character he would be Iron Man. As for music, he likes rap and pop music! Some other cool facts are that Justin's favorite food is chicken, his relationship with his aunt is important to him, and Justin is very funny!

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Expressions by Ashton
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