Kallin, 8 & Julian, 7

No Longer Taking Inquiries

Kallin is a unique child because when he becomes interested in something, he will learn all about it and tell you everything. He is very talkative, outgoing, and likes to socialize. He likes superheroes, eating seafood, all kinds of sports and has a soft spot for unique animals. His brother Julian is softer spoken but takes pride in the fact that he is so polite. He is described as a deep thinker who enjoys learning and is also a good listener. Like his brother, he also enjoys sports and some of his favorite are hockey, baseball, swimming and riding his bike. Julian and Kallin are enrolled members of a Native-American tribe, however approval has been given to recruit outside the order of ICWA preference. Their team is accepting approved home assessments from interested families from states in the Midwest.

Photos by:
Caitlin Killoran Photography
Sponsored by:
Pat & Jill Larson
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