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Meet the Children

Arron, 6

Meet the adventurous and dinosaur loving, Arron! He loves to play hide-and-go-seek, read and learn about bats, and listen to country music!

Hannah, 13

Hannah loves to laugh! The first thing you will notice about her is her smile and her bubbly personality!

Issac, 15

Isaac wants to travel to Florida because it is warm and there is no winter.

Jayden, 12

Jayden is an athletic and funny 12-year-old who likes to play sports.

Justin, 13

Justin is a very curious and insightful boy.

Piper, 14

When you meet Piper, you will see she has a big heart and a fun personality!

Wyatt, 15

Wyatt is a skateboarder who loves to eat pizza and vegetables!

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