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Sequoia, 13; Kaelani, 12; Tierra, 11; & Jamisen, 10

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Sequoia, 13; Kaelani, 12; Tierra, 11; & Jamisen, 10

Sequoia likes to stay active by playing sports and ice skating! She would one day like to have a pet hamster and travel to California! Kaelani also would love to have a pet but she’d prefer a cat, dog, or even a bird! She loves to help out in the kitchen and her specialties are potato salad or macaroni salad! Tierra is very kind, creative, talkative, and funny! One of her proudest memories is when she caught her first fish! She is also adventurous and would like to try sky diving one day! Jamisen has a great personality and a sense of humor! Just ask his sisters as he makes them laugh A LOT! If you ask him what he likes about himself, he thinks his glasses are pretty great! A few of his favorite things are music, movies, and McDonalds!

Sponsored by:

John & Kim Erickson Family Foundation

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